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A good friend of mine, Brian Webber, has teased me for years that if its new and shiny, I want it.  That may work well for consumer goods, although my wife may not agree with that statement, but it doesn't work so well if you're responsible for.

The View from a CSO: A Conversation with Lynn Mattice

As a child, watching Batman, I always wanted to fly in the Bat-Plane.  It was disappointing when my father, the most intelligence person I knew, explained to me that the Batplane wasn’t real and something like that could never fly.  To my.

Episode 1:  GeoSpark Analytics and Risk Mitigation

 I spent most of 2017 reviewing and analyzing new technology products to see how we could integrate them into the manned guarding services.  The summer of 2017 we focused on identifying situational intelligence and threat awareness products. .

Look for the first Podcast coming September 5th, 2018!

Look for the first Podcast to be released on September 5th.  We are working hard this summer to record, edit, and have ready the podcasts for the fall.  We excited to get this new podcast started!  Please keep an eye and ear open.  If you want to.

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