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Episode 1:  GeoSpark Analytics and Risk Mitigation

On Sep 6, 2018

 I spent most of 2017 reviewing and analyzing new technology products to see how we could integrate them into the manned guarding services.  The summer of 2017 we focused on identifying situational intelligence and threat awareness products. There are many on the market today, with most created for the large Fortune 500 companies who have robust security programs, and budgets to go along with them.  W

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e did identify one company that structured itself to entry level users, but the one commonality we found with all of them, is their reliance upon an analyst to extract the value from the system.  Without some variation of the human analyst, the software doesn't bring value to the end user.  Now we had the cost of the software, plus the cost of the analyst.  There was a whole unfulfilled market out there, but no solution to fit their needs.

Imagine my surprise earlier this year when a friend of mine introduced me to GeoSpark Analytics and their Hyperion solution.  As their website describes, Hyperion is a “location-based intelligence platform”, and like all of the others that I reviewed, it gathers, sorts, and displays in a dashboard the most up to date open source information.  But the next part is what made me want to learn more.  Hyperion then combines the “data with machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver real time insight and comprehensive assessments.”  The integration of AI into the common open source platform looks to be a real game changer.  

In today’s podcast, I interview Jim Chiacchia, a Director at GeoSpark Analytics.  Jim, who is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the USMC, an attorney, and a fellow University of Massachusetts alum, talks about GeoSpark Analytics, Hyperion, and how they are plan to change the situational intelligence and threat awareness world using artificial intelligence.  As I learned during the interview, I believe that Hyperion offers a solution,  allowing not just the Fortune 500 companies, but creating a whole new market, so all companies can handle risk mitigation through better situational intelligence and threat awareness.

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Dennis Crowley

By Dennis Crowley

Dennis is the Managing Member of Belenus Holdings. With over 25 years in the security industry, he has extensive experience within the manned guarding industry as well as the security technology sector. Dennis is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Harvard University, and Suffolk University Law School. He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar, ASIS International, BOMA International, and YPO.

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