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A good friend of mine, Brian Webber, has teased me for years that if its new and shiny, I want it.  That may work well for consumer goods, although my wife may not agree with that statement, but it doesn't work so well if you're responsible for the security budget for your company.  It takes a well-developed plan and some courage to be an early adopter, or lighthouse customer of  Security Technology.  But without them, we wouldn’t have the advances needed to keep moving the market forward.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 7.44.54 AMIn other fields, these early adopters would be called trendsetters.  Early adopters can be some of the most important folks to a new startup, as they’ll quite likely be the first ones to try, test, break, play with, endorse, love, hate, and talk about their brand-new product or service.  In his book, Diffusion of Innovations, Everett Rogers says that early adopters are the second phase of purchasers for innovators of new technology.  These people are key for the development and acceptance of new technology, as they add a “degree of thought leadership” for the next potential adopters.  According to a blog from the International Design Foundation, discussing Everett Rogers book, they state, “early adopters will normally have a reasonably high social status (which in turn enables thought leadership), reasonable access to finances (beyond those of later adopters), high levels of education and a reasonable approach to risk. However, they do not take as many risks as innovators and tend to make more reasoned decisions as to whether or not to become involved in a particular product. They will try to obtain more information than an innovator in this decision-making process.”

The Pew Research Center, who conducted research to determine what goes into the decision to buy new technology report that 28% of Americans are these “early adopters”.  They also note that 52% are more comfortable using more familiar brands or products, making those early adopters key to the development of emerging technology.  In an article about the research, they note, extroverts are also more likely than introverts to strongly prefer new technology products on this measure (31% for those who score high on extroversion compared with 24% for those who score low), which may explain some of my willingness to be an early adopter.

In today’s AI & Security Podcast, I speak with one of those early adopters.  Although Tommy Nelson downplays his expertise, you quickly realize he is a man with a plan.  In today’s podcast, he talks about what he seeks when evaluating new technology in the security industry, the need for a use case, and the benefits from being an early purchaser.

If you’re interested in learning about early adoption, please listen to the podcast here, on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.  Enjoy.

Dennis Crowley

By Dennis Crowley

Dennis is the Managing Member of Belenus Holdings. With over 25 years in the security industry, he has extensive experience within the manned guarding industry as well as the security technology sector. Dennis is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Harvard University, and Suffolk University Law School. He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar, ASIS International, BOMA International, and YPO.

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